Valuable Information on Starting and Building a Successful Online Business

It is now almost midnight. I have been on my computer since just before 8:00 AM this morning! What have I been doing? I have been trying to find valuable information on starting and building a successful online business. One thing I found to be absolutely true and powerful is that one needs to sign up with a reputable company that offers coaching. Coaching/mentoring is important for any niche a person decides to enter whether you are brand new or seasoned. It benefits you if you are brand new because your coach/mentor will give you step-by-step instructions that will keep you on-track, knowledgeable, disciplined, and puts you in a position where you can actually start building knowledge upon knowledge, skill upon skill, dollar upon dollar. It benefits you if you are seasoned in that you will now have an opportunity to focus and work on building an empire. Sure it costs more, but think of all the money you might waste along the way trying to ‘figure it out’ on your own.

Well that’s just wonderful, but I don’t have any money to hire a coach/mentor. Now what? We must be related because we are in the same position! So here are the things I did and the things that I should not have done.

What I did (that proved to be foolish):

Got caught up in the sales hype, you know the ones: ‘buy now!’; ‘only losers do not take action!’; ‘this is the most complete system and all you will ever need!’; ‘you will never see this page again!’; et cetera.
Allowed my anxiety to have a successful online presence, cause me to buy on impulse instead of researching. You know, the product title sounded good and the sales pitch listed the key points that I was looking for, so buy I did. Sometimes the product turned out to be rubbish or simply, ‘much ado about nothing’.
Equally worse, I bought a good product; was too anxious to get started so I did not read all the instructions and ‘getting started guide’ which led to more frustrations on my part and sometimes me returning said product only to find out later, the great benefits it had to offer if only I had spent the time to acquaint myself with the basic product information – and yes, too ashamed to buy it again from the vendor.

What I should have done:

Never buy any product while I am anxious or feeling desperate. One must allow for reason, if not, great and unnecessary mistakes will be made. You must be able to ask yourself why you need this product; if ‘you never see this webpage again!’ are there other opportunities on the internet that will allow you to learn, grow and be successful? What are the competitions for this product? Surely, this one product could not be the answer to it all. If there is one thing I have learnt in all my years, it is this: there are many ways of relaying the same information; some more powerful than others; some more interesting than others but all in all, you will learn something no matter which way you choose.
Decide on one specific online business that I would like to pursue. For example, eBay, affiliate marketing, online store, legitimate work-from-home online businesses, etc. After deciding, do some research to find out what is involved in getting started and being successful. Then purchase product(s) after I have done some research like reading articles on the subject, read free material provided on related sites, read product reviews, visit forums and read what good and/or awful things people are saying, et cetera. Remember -you will lose more money, or more, when you act out of desperation. If you are broke today, one more day of quality learning and reasoning is not going to make you more broke tomorrow. You will be equally broke, but wiser. Therefore, you will be in a better position to make right decisions towards your financial future.
Read the instructions! If you do invest in a product, at the very least, read all the instructions or ‘getting started’ guide. You can’t really know how valuable, or not, a product really is unless you really give it a chance. A good chance.

There are many ways of getting started in a successful online business. Do your due diligence. Anything that is going to lead to financial freedom is going to require thinking, reason, a plan, time. Relax. Be cool. You will get your piece of the pie but don’t be anxious – biting into a hot pie can be rather painful…In more ways than one.

By the way, did I mention that I did find some valuable information and a good starting point for my online business? Yes indeed. We’ll keep in touch!